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Coade 05 Slate 06 Ivory Limestone IL. Please note that the photographs on this website display our stonework as new and at various stages of maturity. The speed of weathering of our architectural, landscape and garden designs is dependent on the location and …

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With New Cast Stone there is a color for every application or design. Final color selection should always be made from physical samples. Due to the natural limestone used in the production of New Cast Stone products, slight color variations from part to part are possible. Texture selection will affect final color.

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Stonegate Designs has been producing cast stone since 1999. Our highest quality is the result of many years of experience. We have a wide variety of cast stone products, that allow us be the best option for the home builders and constructors.

Cast Stone Colors

Cast Stone Colours and Shades: Match with Natural Stone

Cast Stone Colors and Finishes

Colors. Stone Legends offers three standard colors for our cast stone products. These colors are Tan, Buff and White. The Tan and White colors are comparable to Indiana limestone, while our Buff resembles the limestone indigenous to Texas. We have tried to make these as accurate as possible, but final color selection should be made from actual ...

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Cast Stone Color Options. Home / Materials We Use / Marble Samples. Color No. 1 Natural. Color No. 1 Natural. Color No. 2. Color No. 2. Color No. 3. Color No. 3. Color No. 4. Color No. 4. ... Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels. Useful Links. How to Order Get A Quote FAQ …

Cast Stone Institute

2013-10-22 · Cast Stone Institute. Typical Colors. Below are just a few of the colors offered by cast stone manufacturers. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image. White. Gray.

Standard Cast Stone Colors

2018-7-8 · Standard Cast Stone Colors. Below are our standard colors. Other colors are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Cast Stone

2021-7-7 · Available Colors Campania''s cast stone products are available in a choice of thirteen (13) exclusive natural pigment stains in addition to natural concrete. All of our patinas are hand-applied in a multi-step process which produces unique and beautiful surface finishes intended to

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Architectural Cast Stone Panels: Design Freedom - Simpler, Cost-effective Construction The architectural cast Stone is produced by a process known as dry-cast or vibrant-tamp production method. Cast stone is a highly refined white Portland concrete material manufactured to simulate natural cut stone…

Cast Stone Colors

We can cast stone in virtually any color you can imagine. Our most popular colors are the standard colors shown below. Request Sample Box. Click image for PDF. Contact us for more information. 777 Edwards Rd. Dubuque, IA 52003. 563-556-0535 / 563-556-8906 fax ...

Cast Stone Colors Stone Range Hood Samples |Top Stone ...

Stone Range Hood Colors, Finishes, and Custom Colors. Top Stone Range Hoods offers 8 cast stone colors and 3 standard finishes. We can match your color at no additional charge. Samples are cast in smooth, natural stone, and old world finishes. Your sample finish may vary from the examples below.


2016-9-23 · Cast stone, GFRC and precast concrete colors (805) 386-8185 Fax: (805) 671-9371 E-Mail (Click Envelope) Our cast stone is made with crushed limestone sand and white cement, our precast and GFRC are made with quarry sand and regular cement, therefore there is a difference in color …

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Color Options AAS believes that color choice is an important reason to use manufactured stone products such as cast stone, architectural precast, Architectural GFRC and GFRG. The architectural community desires color harmony on any project. There are many factors to consider while selecting color and texture for masonry products. AAS Standard Colors …

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MeltonStone Cast Stone Standard Colors & Profiles by Melton Classics. Custom Colors and Profiles are Available at Amazingly Affordable Prices, Call 800-963-3060 Melton Classics for a Free Consultation.

Cast Stone Colors

2021-8-23 · Cast Stone Color Trends for Florida Cast stone in Palm Beach and South Florida continues to favor neutral tones – predominantly off white with hints of tans, …


2021-5-26 · Cast stones are produced using naturally occurring materials. Minor variations in color and texture should be expected within limits of the approved range of samples. As per ASTM C 1364 Standard for Architectural Cast Stone, color and hue variations are tested as per ASTM D 2244. The permissible variations for color are defined as

Color Samples – Custom Cast Stone

Color Samples. All Blended Solid. Natural Natural. Natural White Natural White. Light Buff Light Buff. Deep Tan Deep Tan. Sienna Sienna. Blush Blush. Maize ... Custom Cast Stone 734 East 169th Street Westfield, IN 46074. 317.896.1700 [email protected] 317.896.1701.

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Cast Stone by Ventura Cast Stone

2021-1-15 · Cast stone, green precast concrete and green GFRC columns,vintage cast stone,cast stone balusters, Napa Valley Cast Stone,Las Vegas Precast,San Fransico precast,foam coated precast, cast stone columns, fineline precast, lightweight precast columns in 12 textures and 24 colors

Standard cast stone products

Benches. Our standard products are available for any project. Standard products are less expensive than custom products and available more quickly. If your project has standard sizing and our Standard Products will work for your project, you can order them directly from our catalog with a part number. Keep in mind that there may be some field ...

Continental Cast Stone Color Selection Guide

2008-7-15 · Continental Cast Stone Color Selection Guide. 1100 WHITESTONE. To print this image to a color printer, click on this frame then select "File" from the top menu bar and in Netscape Navigator choose, "Print Frame", and in Internet Explorer choose "Print".

Color Chart

2021-8-22 · Color and texture sample pictures may vary from actual color and texture of stone due to the differences in monitors and printers. Please call AMS for actual samples to order from, or submit your Sample Request Here. A 10% charge is added for all non-standard colors…

Cast Stone, Precast and GFRC Colors | Precast Concrete Colors

Cast Stone, Precast and GFRC Color. Los Angeles Cast Stone uses highest quality materials for its cast stone, precast and GFRC products. We mainly use three well-known brands for color selection – LaHabra, Omega and Davis Colors. Below you can click on the links to see the color …

Cast Stone Colours and Shades: Match with Natural Stone

Cast Stone Colours and Shades: Match with Natural Stone Cast stone colours and shades The standard colours we can produce include Bathstone, Portland, Yorkstone and Sandstone. Other** colours manufactured are Cheshire Red, Granite Grey and Cotswold.

Cast Stone Gallery | Exact Match Masonry Staining

2021-8-5 · Cast Stone is a premium building material, known for its density and strength. It takes a product designed specifically for Cast Stone, which will absorb into and integrate with the face of the Cast Stone, for an as permanent color correction that will not fade or change. The results are breathtakingly beautiful and yet remain completely ...

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Forticrete''s Cast Stone manufacturing facilities have been replicating the traditions of natural stone in Britain for over 40 years. Today, Forticrete''s Cast Stone Dressings are a perfect example of advanced technology and time honoured craftsmanship working together in perfect harmony. The result is a wide range of standard profiles of ...

Cast Stone Colors | Cast Stone | Sun Precast Co.

2021-8-5 · Cast Stone Colors. For best results of color sample viewing, print the photos. As computer monitors and printers can display colors differently, final color selection should be based upon a physical sample. Custom color matching is also available.

Colours | Sterling Precast

2021-8-17 · Colours | Sterling Precast. We carry a large range of standard colours for our cast stone, semi-dry products, all of which are available to view at our offices. Cast stone colour samples are available to take away for the purpose of colour matching.

Jersey Cast Stone

2020-10-30 · Colors shown are the basic colors. Actual colors will vary from screen portrayal. Our experts can blend and match any color or texture you may need for your project. Submit a sample of the project color and we will match it perfectly. *Colors …

Cast Stone Colours

Bekstone Burford Quarry Burford Road Brize Norton Oxfordshire OX18 3WN. Tel: 01993 842 391 Fax: 01993 842 388 Email: [email protected] .uk

Cast Stone Colors and Textures

2021-8-25 · Sequoia - Stone Finish - 1303 Sequoia - Stone Finish Travertine - 1304 Due to individual computer screen limitations, these samples are only approximations of the actual cast stone colors we offer.

Color Chart

2021-8-22 · Color and texture sample pictures may vary from actual color and texture of stone due to the differences in monitors and printers. Please call AMS for actual samples to order from, or submit your Sample Request Here. A 10% charge is added for all non-standard colors. A 15% charge is added for Antique textures.


2021-8-25 · STONE & COLORS. The stone Mantels and Ornamentals for the classic and trendy houses. We provide these classic and trendy Cast Limestone Mantels which are made from the crashed limestone. In this process of thin cast, the stone will become thinner and it will be easier to install. It also gives the relaxation of less expensive than the actual stone.

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