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2013-8-3 · Great gold starts right here. 1902 - The legendary Felix Pedro discovers gold in Fairbanks, Alaska.The only problem was, gold was only worth $14.00 an ounce. Poor Felix. 90 years later - Enter the not-so-legendary but nonetheless charming Felix Paydirt, who knows a good thing when it clinks in the bottom of his gold pan.

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Thumbs up and 5-star praise for Michael and iP4G. Four different 1.2 gram bags of Paydirt yielded 5.85 grams of gold, 1.4625 grams average per bag.The dirt itself contained no big rocks and consisted of a nice mixture of gravel and black sand and was fairly easy to pan.

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Gemstone mining bag including: 9+ oz. of gemstone mix. 5 lbs of sand. Educational gemstone ID postcard. Take home collection bag. Personalized labels for collection bag and mining rough bag. Black clip on bag with black tape on case. 12 per case. $3.75 …

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2021-6-16 · Hello Everyone! We now have a store in Florence Colorado where we sell and distribute our Sidewinder Sluice''s and many other Sidewinder Mining products. We are located at: 701 W 3rd St Florence, Colo, 81226 (719)784-4053. We have lots of Prospecting Supplies and Specialty Tools. We also have practice Gold Panning tubs and we give instructional ...

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Eve Lode #22. 20 acres. This is a very fine gold property with great access to a rich gulch located on the claim. We can find gold on this claim right now. It has a nice meadow and great camping areas. $7,000.00 FINANCED!! 20 acres. The town site of New Florence nests inhe middle of this claim.

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2021-8-24 · Gem Gravel. Mine Montana sapphire gravel and other gems with our fun-filled gem gravel bags. We offer gem dirt direct from the sapphire mine or choose one of our fun products for a guaranteed strike. Our Montana Sapphire material …

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Paydirt has been for sale online for about 19 years now and become even more popular over the past few years. There is NO ONE who has been selling online longer than us (do some fact checking!). Goldbay originally started as gold nugget auction website and it …

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1 gram of gold – Chunky gold paydirt – 3 pounds. Rated 4.63 out of 5 based on 19 customer ratings. ( 19 customer reviews) $ 72.95 $ 64.95. Customize your bag by adding more gold. Add Gold (+$65.00) 1x 1 gram of gold - Chunky gold paydirt - 3 pounds. $64.95.


BONANZA CREEK CLAIM - 40 POUNDS of Big Nugget Paydirt. Only Big Chunky Nuggets Are Found In This Paydirt! Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 21 customer ratings. Sale! $319.99 $159.99 Add to cart. CHILKOOT PASS CLAIM - 5 POUNDS of Big Nugget Paydirt. This Paydirt is Considerably More Rich and Has Twice The Nuggets!

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1-48 of 399 Results. SPONSORED. Gold Paydirt 2 lbs Unsearched and Guaranteed Added GOLD! Panning Nuggets. $25.50. Was: $50.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer. SPONSORED.

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Your #1 Trusted Source for Natural Gold Panning Paydirt, Gold Nuggets, Gold Flakes, Gold Nugget Rings and Gold Nugget Earrings. Our Gold is of the Highest Purity 18k-23k. Every Bag, Jar and Bucket of our Gold Paydirt comes with a guaranteed amount of Gold. Natural Gold Paydirt, Gold Flakes and Gold Nuggets For Sale.

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Crisson Gold Mine first opened to the public in 1969, while it''s main operation was still open pit mining. Mining stopped in the early 1980''s, but now Crisson serves as education and supplier to gold enthusiasts. Come explore our grounds and learn about gold mining techniques and try your hand at panning for gold.

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2021-8-23 · Speed up your Search . Find used Highbanker for sale on eBay, Craigslist, Letgo, OfferUp, Amazon and others. Compare 30 million ads · Find Highbanker faster !| https://

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2021-8-25 · Paystreak Paydirt: Real gold paydirt Our paydirt comes from Gold-Containing Rivers. These rivers produce course and fine placer gold that is found in the cobblestone and sandy river bottom. After years of prospecting at various sites, we have found excellent gold-producing areas. SHOP PAYSTREAK PAYDIRT FREE 2-day express shipping on all our products! Satisfaction […]

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2018-3-16 · Eureka Gold Sands is a leader in the community. We are involved in running groups for like-minded people and prospectors. We are committed to giving back to the community and participating in as many charities to help our fellow women, men, and children. We are also involved in providing Education and sharing our knowledge on prospecting, gem ...

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Private Gold Claims. Private gold claims owned by companies and individuals you can pay a fee to prospect on. If you own a private gold claim or know of any privately owned gold claims that people can pay a fee to prospect on please contact me with some details so I can include them below.

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65'' Wooden Sluice with Stainless Steel Linings / tank, 15'' water tower and 5 waterfalls (13 additional feet) This turnkey package includes all equipment, mining rough products, installation and delivery within 1000 miles of our location to return over $20,500 at the average retail price (3 x cost).


Sale! $39.99 – $199.99 Select options. GLUTEUS MAXIMUS - 3X The Gold! GLUTEUS MAXIMUS Paydirt Has 3X The Gold Compared To Our Number 2! This Is Packed With Maximum Gold! Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 21 customer ratings. Sale! $49.99 – $249.99 Select options. KLINGONS IN URANUS PICKER BAG - Pickers From Uranus!

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In this video you will see the results of mining the black sands of Cape Disappointment, Washington on June 22, 2019 using 2 GOLDROPS to separate the Gold from the sand. Not only did we find Gold but also Mercury, Copper and Iron Pyrite were separated out and recovered from the sand. Look close there''s silvery matter, possibly Platinum too!

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2020-12-17 · Heavy Black Sands ROI: 69% to 74% (Trick: Remove the magnetic black sands before processing.) I just purchased a few bags from Gold Hog. They have a video at their website describing how they put the concentrate bags together. While the ROI for gold is not expected to be high, I am more interested in seeing what gems I may find.

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Gold Paydirt 10 LB from Colorado - Special Reserve Blend 2021 - Gold Paydirt Bags - Guaranteed Unsearched Material - Pan at Home - Guaranteed Gold. 2.0 out of 5 stars. 1. $139.95.

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Irwins paydirt delivers freely to shipping addresses within the United States, and delivery is extremely fast. Also, you will get a guaranteed 45 -50% return on investment (ROI) when you buy pay dirt from Irwins. Below is a list of what you get when you buy from Irwins paydirt: Excellent packaging. Lots of unsearched and natural gold. Low price.

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The Best Gold Paydirt on Earth™-Arizona Gold Nuggets, Gold Flakes and Gold Pickers. Natural Gold Paydirt, Gold Nuggets And Gold Flakes For Sale. Real Authentic Gold Bearing Paydirt, Guaranteed! Lynch Mining, LLC is presently located in Arizona, California, Colorado and Canada. Today, the company …

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2021-4-1 · The Mine Boss Bucket! (+ get a stone cut for half-price!) 4 gallon bucket with some special finds! $75.00. Stake your claim! (+ get 1 stone cut for FREE!) 5 gallon bucket super-concentrated gemstone mix! $125.00. The Big Deal! (+ get 2 stones cut …


About our gold-panning bags: Our paydirt is straight from the gold rich deserts of Nevada and the gold loaded streams of the Historic Motherlode Of California - the same area the old 49ers worked. As avid gold prospectors we are very pleased to provide the …

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Delivery within 1000 miles of our location. Equipment $16,200. Any variety of mining rough totaling $4560 may be selected to fit your needs. Mining rough includes educational ID postcard, keeper bag, delivery, and personalized labels for mining rough bag and take home keeper bag.


2018-2-25 · Detailed Gold Paydirt Reviews: Lynch Mining Black Label Reserve Paydirt: This is the same company that sells the Gizmo line of paydirt. This particular one pound bag cost $65 plus $3 shipping and yielded 2.166 grams of gold. At a spot of $39, that gives a return on investment of $84.47 or 124.2%.

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2021-8-22 · Black Label paydirt was our best selling paydirt in 2016, 2017 and 2018! The Black Label was the first of its kind in the paydirt industry and went viral all around the world. Now that it''s the year 2020 there are a few other sellers who have decided to come out with their own versions of black sand paydirt but don''t b

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2018-3-16 · Only paydirt with Guaranteed platinum nuggets and the chunkiest gold nuggets found in paydirt! Eureka Gold Sands prides itself in being the world''s premier supplier of quality gold concentrates and paydirt products. Let the Nugget King lead you to Chunky Nugget Bliss!


2021-8-13 · Our paydirt comes from old river beds, bedrock, banks, streams, under, and near large boulders and is screened to 1/2″. This paydirt is comprised primarily of coarse decomposed granite sand with lots of quartz, agate, and other minerals. Panning yields black sand with small fines and if you''re lucky, maybe a few pickers or nugs!

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